12 3 / 2014

Day after a strategy and planning day. Interesting.

Day after a strategy and planning day. Interesting.

24 10 / 2013

I’ve been called many things.

I’ve been called many things.

27 9 / 2013

Corridor marketing at Silicon Beach 2013.

A few weeks back I went along to Silicon Beach in Bournemouth. Good line-up of speakers, nice venue and the sun was shining so all was set fair for a great few days. I started the day stuffing goody bags for Matt Desmier and along the way, I got to talk to many of the speakers who were rolling up early doors. One of them, Simon White was great company over a cuppa’ and a cake and I was hearing about his experiences working closely with agencies and clients - all interesting and impressive stuff that made me think. I also managed to chat with Meetdrawers’ Bella & Rad whom I haven’t spoken with in a while. Not to mention the irrepressive Mark Masters who was good value as always as was Chris (previously of Dayfold fame).

Anyway, for me, these chats and small dalliances are the best part of Silicon Beach - cos’ you get snippets of info, gossip and insight that make you think ‘I like that/dod I do that/I should really be doing that. As the day went on, I had a minor emergency back at the agency which meant I didn’t get to hear some of the talks I wanted to but I made sure I pooped back for teas and more chats. So those who thought I was behaving like Humphrey from Yes Minister, It was cos’ I was pushed for time. Suffice to say, the Tweets and commentary on the day kept me filled-in on what was hot. I managed to say ‘hello’ (and that was it) to one of my personal heroes, Andy Law, yep - Andy Law. If anyone’s has ever read his book, you’ll get the measure of how he thinks about stuff which was and, evidently is, ahead of his time. If you haven’t, it’s well worth it. What an amazing guy to have visit SB. So all in all, a big thanks to Matt and all who made it a great gig. See you next year?

Picture reproduced by courtesy of list-of-awesome.blogspot.com 

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Goodies #siliconbeach2013 (at Pavilion Dance)

Goodies #siliconbeach2013 (at Pavilion Dance)

04 9 / 2013

Hello Tumblr. Me again.


I hate myself for saying it but things have been busy and I forgot to write some stuff.

I’ve been ‘doing some creative’ again. Drawing stuff, writing words and working with talented people armed with cameras, marker pens and code. On the way I picked up a new nickname - more about that later.

Best of all, I’ve had a chance to talk to clients about creative. Hearing their views on it and, more importantly, what they expect from creative people like me/us. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t all plain sailing though…

…on reflection, I conceded that they, the clients, were right. Yes you heard me correctly. They were right. They’re not always right. Nor am I. So I guess that’s a balanced view isn’t it(?)

About that nickname. A client of ours based in Europe, misheard an introduction and assumed my name was ‘Geoff’. I like that. And, I’m pleased to say, it sort of stuck. I have great respect for said client and I’m loathed to be known as George. 

We’ve also had a go at writing training courses for some global clients. Our aim is to present a consistent approach to ‘doing digital’ in all the regions. Tough gig.

It’s questioned our approach - not only on the substance but also in the style of the communication. And, how it will be received by an audience who’s first language is not English. It’s looking good though.

So, It’s comforting to know that going back to the ‘shop floor’ reawakens those emotions that characterised the creative process; a journey of excitement, elation and liberation – sprinkled with self-doubt, loathing and the odd dose of despair.

I’ll report back on the progress later. Until then, call me Geoff.

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It’t that time of year. Hope you enjoy the day.
Illustration courtesy of Rob Fuller

It’t that time of year. Hope you enjoy the day.

Illustration courtesy of Rob Fuller

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11 4 / 2013


Our latest DM pack for Alzheimer’s Research UK highlighting the importance of their Emergency fund and the impact this could have on vital research and potential breakthroughs.  Photographed by Jonathan Bowcott in the studio with lots of Ribena!

This DM pack has beaten all targets set for fundraising. #defeatingdementia

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There’s a hill on that sea.

There’s a hill on that sea.

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The forgotten customer


They exist somewhere…

Beneath the plans, foam-boarded visuals and wordy documents. Typed on a white sheet of A4, you’ll find a box that reads:

‘AB1s, broadsheet readers, aged 55-75, enjoys gardening.’

The single most important person in the success of marketing is reduced to one glib and ambiguous sentence.

Here we lament the forgotten customer. A victim of media diversification, stiff competition, bureaucracy and painful business models.

Somehow, in the process of producing marketing ‘stuff’, we forgot whom we were talking to. Instead of engaging the customer with a truth, our marketing somehow became selfish and lazy. And we started to guess. All the plans and decisions got based on an empty cut-and-pasted sentence.

We all know that maintaining good customer relationships is not easy. The truth is, it’s a difficult business. No longer can one body, department or person be wholly responsible. Collaboration holds the key as does the intel…

Speaking of which, we know more about people now than we ever have before. But that data needs unraveling and decoding. Soft and hard metrics need to mesh together to really bring out those insights that hold the key.

Now I know you know that and I know I know it. So for me, it’s about remembering that long-lost customer and why we do what we do. 

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Sunset at Bournemouth.

Sunset at Bournemouth.